Musical Theatre Jazz Classes

'Jasmine comes home every week with a huge smile on her face after her dance class. She loves sweating out as she learns the dance routines and I love that she is getting exercise whilst having fun. A win, win!'


Warm Ups

Each class begins with a full warm up. It's sweaty but fun! The children get brilliant exercise as our expert teachers put them through their paces with a highly energetic start to the session. This is followed with a series of stretches to help the children develop their flexibility. We want to help the students to become supple and fit! 




We then move on to the technique section, working on jazz based exercises, such as kicks, turns, leaps, pirouettes. The basics that all dancers need. We sometimes expand this to include a few ballet positions too.  All dancers must have a good basic technique for all forms of dance.  

We do not ask out students to take exams BUT we do include elements of the well known dance syllabus’ in our technique sections and our dance routines. Therefore the children are learning but with zero stress! As it should be!



Then the fun begins! Each term the students learn 2 - 3 dance routines off by heart which will be performed to parents as part of the end of term shows. We use songs from musicals, but this allows us to be flexible in the style. Sometimes there are more lyrical routines to songs from musicals such as La La Land, then other times we might have more funky routines to songs from musicals like Thriller Live! As long a it's fun and enjoyable for the children, we dance to it!