Drama Classes

'My son adores his weekly acting lessons at the Action Theatre Club. I have seen his confidence come on leaps and bounds over the past year. He brings his script home and loves to read it aloud at home. I love to hear him being in character. He's just so happy'  



Our acting classes are the most fantastic confidence boosting courses for children aged from 4 - 18 years.



Each term our superstars are given a project to work on. From putting on plays, to creating their own mini movies. We like to keep our students motivated and challenged. The children are often given scripts with characters to play and lines to learn.  We spend class time developing our skills, through games, excercises before rehearsing our chosen pieces.




At the end of every term we take to the stage as we perform our material to an invited audience of friends and family.

The performances are always a very special event. We provide costumes (with no extra charge) and hire special venues, from The Nomad Theatre to the Adrian Mann and Leatherhead Theatre. These are memorable events for the children to cherish forever.