New students must be registered with us before attending a class. It is vital for us to have certain information - such as medical or learning conditions and emergency contact numbers. All data is protected and treated sensitively. Please see our privacy policy for details.


Once a student has enrolled into a course at the Action Theatre Club they will be automatically rebooked for every term. We shall always send you an email with dates and fee reminders so you have it all to hand and know whats happening and when. 


Please note that once a course is booked we do not offer any refunds or cancellation options, this includes money back for weeks missed due to other engagements or sickness and injury. It may sound harsh and unkind but we have to have a strict rule on this otherwise it is very difficult to manage. 

If you wish to cancel your child's place at the Action Theatre Club then we do require at least 4 weeks notice prior to the next term. Should you fail to give us this notice then we do ask for half a terms fees to be paid.  This is to ensure that we do not turn children away for places and then find that students are not returning and haven't told us.


Payment for courses must be made in advance and can be made via cash, cheque or direct transfer. 


We completely understand that parents and children have busy lives but we do remind parents that due to the nature of our courses it is really important for the child to make as many sessions as possible. Lessons missed make it hard for the student to keep up with the show material and can sometimes result in them becoming worried and feeling under confident in performances. We want everyone to be full of smiles on stage and so we do ask that the children minimise missing sessions where possible.


We must make it very clear that should any sessions be cancelled due to extreme weather (such as snow) we are unable to refund money lost from the sessions.


We like to keep things simple! All we ask is that parents purchase an Action Theatre Club T.Shirt, which is £10. This can be ordered by emailing We also ask parents to dress their child in black leggings. All children taking dance and singing should also purchase jazz shoes. We do not sell these ourselves but hear that amazon do a rather good deal!


We really do want to make this stage school affordable for everyone and so avoid any unexpected fees! Everyone is included in the show and there is never an extra fee for this, it is part of our package. We only charge for show tickets once a year and that is at our annual Gala show which takes place at a large scale professional theatre, such as Leatherhead Theatre. The tickets are very reasonable and with the aim of covering the huge costs of the hire of the venue and the pay for licensed chaperones. We are not trying to rip anybody off! 


The Action Theatre Club welcomes everybody . We want every single child to walk through the door and feel happy, supported and encouraged. If we see any behaviour which is detrimental to a childs happiness or learning then we will take action by speaking with parents and if necessary, removing bullies from the class. Performing arts is for everyone and children can only give a brilliant performance when they feel confident. This also includes the behaviour towards teachers. If anyone is feeling unhappy then they should contact Principle Lizzie Crawford who is always ready to listen and help!